Donate your time to volunteer with garden work, nursery work or at plant sales. This can be from somewhat heavier work such mowing, trimming, digging, clearing brush, helping with repairs, carpentry or painting to lighter work such as repotting, labeling plants. setting seeds, taking inventory etc. You can make new friends, get a little exercise and be involved in your community. You can be an individual, a group, a school project or work off assigned community service as a volunteer.

Presently we have staff in the garden areas on Mondays and Fridays and staff in the nursery areas on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 AM till noon. If you wish to contribute some time we have jobs from heavy (planting, mowing, carpentry work, etc) to light (starting seeds, weeding pots, etc) and our staff will happily guide you and work with you through these tasks.

Email us at to volunteer.

Below are some pictures of our volunteers.